Saturday, August 8, 2009

busy bee . . .

This little one is such a stunner and has the most unique eye color. We had a blast! Miss {B} is seven months old, and I'm pretty sure she will be walking very soon. ;o)

Update: This little one did just take her first steps at only 7 months old. Wow!

This little man and his baby brother were a hoot. :o)

I just love this one of baby {E}. He was five months old and had lots of chub. :o)

I had a session with Miss {L} and Baby {L}. They were so cute!

Miss {N} - I have been doing this gal's photos since she was in her mama's tummy. She just turned one, and I can't believe it! She just took her first step, too. :o)

Soooo big!

This sweet gal was five months old. She was so smiley!