Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Tis the season . . . to be busy

Wow! I have been swamped with sessions. I've been prepping to get ready to get back in the photography biz again. I've mainly been photographing for friends since I moved here to Kansas. Well, here's to a great start. Ready or not. . .

These are photos of my good friend Tasha and her son Kian. He is such a polite little boy. I had a great time.

I had the pleasure of doing a huge shoot for a family who has taken two individuals with developmental disabilities in to live with them, through the EFT program at CLO. I'm posting pics of just the kids for privacy reasons. What a giving family! Thanks Madi, Sophie & Legend :o)

This is Miss Nora. I said you'd see her around here quite a bit. :o)

The Seagers are such a great family. Phoebe is a doll, and Kristen is a sweetheart. Scott- you're not too shabby either. Sorry, didn't want to leave you out. ;o)

These are of my sweet friend Dorothy's granddaughter, Bailey. She is a delightful little girl and so thoughtful of others.
This is the Maack family. We got some great family shots in before bedtime. :o)

Elizabeth, I'm going to have to put you on my payroll. ;o) These are friends of Elizabeth's. They have an adorable baby named Isabelle. She was such a great subject. These are more members of the Miller clan. Thanks Elizabeth for the referral. These two cuties were a hoot to photograph. Snacks anyone? ;o)

A dear friend had me take some pics of their sweet little girl Ember and a few family shots.

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Jamie Tamez said...

Love, love, love the little one in the red tutu! What a precious picture!